5 ways to protect your hair in the sun

5 ways to protect your hair in the sun

For all those who still doubt the importance of taking care of it when the weather is goodand who regret it at the beginning of the school year!

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Our tips for beautiful hair in summer

We are on vacation

In the year, we have little time for ourselves. It is therefore the opportunity to take advantage of its bathroom by allowing several minutes a mask on the lengths . Some are even designed to be kept overnight. On breathless hair, repeating the experiment two or three times a week makes it possible to notice a truly palpable difference.

They are mistreated by the UV

Hair that looks like straw, does that speak to you? This is normal because their fiber dries out under the effect of UV and heat, with the risk of appearance of forks impossible to comb. The only way to avoid it is to apply several times a day a suitable moisturizer. To optimize its action, it is smoothed well by wicking for optimal penetration.

Color changes more easily

Even natural hair lighten up in summer, so for those who are colored … It is a depressing statement! The browns and the chestnut appear orange-red reflections, while the blonds turn greenish-yellow, a consequence of the external aggressions which open the scales. The trick is to ask your colourist – if he does not propose it spontaneously – to modulate his coloring and to turn to a colder tone than usual . Then they should be protected with hat or scarf and a good protection enriched with sunscreen.

Shower doubles

When it’s hot, nothing replaces the pleasure of immersing your head in fresh, invigorating water. So much the better, because with perspiration, the hair re-grease faster. The important thing? Choose a mild shampoo, if possible without irritating sulphates . And to avoid accumulating the limestone of the water, one uses vinegar or some sprays of thermal water at the last rinse. Brightness guaranteed! Above all, we forget the Brushing, too aggressive.

They are often wet

On one side, the invigorating baths reconnect us with our senses. On the other hand, our hair hates the mineral salts of the sea and the chlorine of the swimming pools that turn their pigments. If you are really motivated, forget about what to say and wear a tight hat. Otherwise, take the reflex to apply a waterproofing oil before diving . And, as you go out, go and rinse under the nearest shower.



CULT Castor oil and olive wax repair and form an anti-UV bulwark. The formula also contains extracts of calendula, sage and rosemary hydrating. The Original, Protective Oil, Phytoplage, 16,50 € per 100 ml .

Yves Rocher

NOCTURNE Thanks to its nourishing and anti-dehydrating jojoba oil, a hazelnut on the lengths is sufficient before going to bed. Night Care, Very Dry or Damaged Hair, Repair, Yves Rocher, 6,50 € per 150 ml.


SHIELD Waterproof and enriched in sesame oil, naturally photoprotective, it preserves the lengths of drying. Solar Ritual, Protective Summer Oil, René Furterer, 13,90 € per 100 ml.


NUTRITIF After a day in the sun, its formula based on micronized proteins and moisturizing babassu oil vivifies atonic hair. Mask After-Sun Exposed Hair, Camille Albane, 28 € the 200 ml .

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