Woman Donates Cancelled Wedding Reception To Homeless

An American cancels her wedding

She had planned the marriage of her dreams, but everything was canceled at the last minute. Sarah Cummins, a 25-year-old American, has decided to party and has invited more than 150 homeless people to her banquet, reports the Indianapolis Star .

The young woman was due to marry last Saturday in Carmel, Indiana . For unknown reasons, the ceremony was canceled one week before the big day. Instead of throwing away all the food already ordered, which cost the tidy sum of 30,000 dollars (about 25,000 euros), the future ex-bride has contacted the local associations to benefit the most deprived.

“I started feeling bad about all the food ordered”

“I called everyone, I canceled, I apologized, I cried, I called the traders, I cried again and then I began to feel bad thinking about any The food ordered for the reception that was going to be wasted, “she explained to the Indianapolis Star .

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Sarah Cummins chartered two buses to pick up the homeless at the shelters and take them to the Ritz Charles, the reception area. Nearly 150 homeless people  came to celebrate this missed marriage. On the menu of the banquet: meatballs, goat milk cheese, garlic bruschettas … An initiative that marked the organizer of the wedding that explains: “Some celebrate, others tackle everything, Had done something so generous. “

Sarah Cummins was also unable to cancel her honeymoon in the Dominican Republic. She still decided to go … with her mother.

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