Wedding Supplies


While marriage has not always been a love story, the wedding feast has always been the moment of excess. Although laws limited the spending of marriage during the Antiquity and the Middle Ages, their wealth was not hidden and the union of families was sealed by a banquet. The time for a shared meal, the banquet thus breaks with everyday eating habits by the abundance of dishes and entremets, rich in taste and dear to the purse. © Shutterstock / Elena Shashkina – Croquembouche: cabbage, custard and caramelized sugar From the private…

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THE MEN: Good manners

Good manners

Indians receive little outside the family context, but an invitation to a meal at home is quite possible if you have made a warm tie. We will take off our shoes before entering the house of the host. The master of the house will introduce you to the living room to sit on a chair or cushion. If you are accompanied by a woman, your host will probably bring his wife, his daughters and his mother. If you are alone, it is very likely that you will not see any other female member. If…

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Wedding budget and meal option

Wedding budget

This week, Ginette answers the question of a couple who would like to get married but who has a small budget and would like to have several options to decide the meal of the ceremony. “Hello Ginette, my boyfriend and I celebrated our 4 years together and we decided to make a wedding in July … Yes, in 3 months! I do not know how to work … I do not have a big budget since we are studying. ‘Should we take a room that is also a caterer or…

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Wedding menu: compose your wedding meal

Wedding menu

Whether you choose a cocktail, a buffet or a seated meal, choose the formula that best suits your wedding. Make your choice according to the number of guests, the style of the wedding and your budget. A wedding menu will be chosen according to the tastes of the bride and groom, the wedding budget as well as the theme of the wedding . Wedding menu: a cocktail dinner It should not be confused with the cocktail aperitif. The cocktail dinner is a real meal that lasts from 4 to 5 hours. This is the least expensive option…

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Woman Donates Cancelled Wedding Reception To Homeless

An American cancels her wedding

She had planned the marriage of her dreams, but everything was canceled at the last minute. Sarah Cummins, a 25-year-old American, has decided to party and has invited more than 150 homeless people to her banquet, reports the Indianapolis Star . The young woman was due to marry last Saturday in Carmel, Indiana . For unknown reasons, the ceremony was canceled one week before the big day. Instead of throwing away all the food already ordered, which cost the tidy sum of 30,000 dollars (about 25,000 euros), the future ex-bride has contacted the local associations to benefit the most…

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Wedding Budget Calculator for 2017 Weddings

The basis of any preparation for marriage is of course the demand for marriage, but also the budget that you can / wish to invest

The basis of any preparation for marriage is of course the demand for marriage, but also the budget that you can / wish to invest. And it is not always obvious, even today, to address this topic. Our parents are terrific tip-top, and they finance our wedding. And we are lucky enough to have a fairly substantial budget. My parents had a pretty good notion of the budget, given that my sister was married 4 years ago now. However, on the side of my parents-in-law, it was a little more blurred … But…

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