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Exercise shoes are of different types. You must pick the one that suits your type and level of activity the best.

So you’ve recently signed up for a marathoners group, or for a six-month programme at the local gym. It’s a great idea to exercise regularly and keep fit – but do you have the right shoes for it?

Exercise shoes are different from sneakers…

You might have taken up running or walking or even a gym workout recently. You might have been led to believe that you need sneakers for your exercise, and you already own a pair. But ask yourself these questions: How old is the pair of shoes that you own? Are they designed for casual wear, or for walking or running? If they are not designed with exercise in mind, then it is wrong to use them. Besides, old shoes are likely to fray with time, thus lending no support at all during exercise.

Exercise shoes, on the other hand, are designed for specific aerobic or other activities. Walking shoes are differently constructed from running shoes, while workout shoes for the gym are designed for short bursts of high impact on the gym floor. They support some amount of running and brisk walking on the treadmill, while also providing support for weight training exercises. Pick a pair of Adidas shoes online, specifying the purpose of the shoe, to see what we mean. The higher the intensity of the exercise, the sturdier the sole will be with varying tension to combat the shock of impact.

The right support is essential

Foot support and cushioning are the cornerstones of exercise shoe design. When you pick a pair of Adidas shoes online, you can find that they are built for high intensity exercise, with a superior structure and finish. You can never go wrong with a pair of Adidas shoes, whether you pick them for brisk walking or football practice – they are built with a specific purpose, and your feet are always in good hands with this brand.

Good foot support is crucial for exercise, and while you can ensure that you work out correctly and maintain the correct form and posture, the shoes you wear complete the picture. Without adequate arch and heel support, the foot can absorb excess amounts of shock on impact. On impact, the tendons and muscles in the foot can suffer blunt trauma, while the ankle joint can get misaligned. Over time, the foot can suffer from abscesses, and painful conditions like Plantar Fasciitis.

And to think the right kind of shoes can prevent these injuries! Apart from heel and arch support, the right kind of Adidas shoes (or any good branded exercise shoes available on your favourite shopping app) can offer stability and free-range movement. It is a myth that a thick, inflexible sole is required for exercises. On the contrary, the sole must be flexible without being bendy, and yet strong enough to not disintegrate with regular use. Just be sure to change your shoes every six months if you exercise in them daily.

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