Hair Trends Spring-Summer 2017

Square sexy ball, asymmetric boyish, long cut maxi volume or even faux court air

Square sexy ball, asymmetric boyish, long cut maxi volume or even faux court air … our expert hairstyle reveals all the capillary trends of the season and its tricks to adopt them. Check out our slideshow now!

Seasonal short cuts of the season

The aerial false short
A little longer at the front of the face and on the nape of the neck, the hair is tapered on the sides and the top of the head to create a volume effect . A feminine and easy to style model , on the border between the short cut and the square.
Its advantages: to bring softness to square, round or oval faces . 

The short graphic boyish
Very short on the neck and well clear around the ears, the hair retains a little length on the top of the head and the front of the face to touch the line of the maxilla. A chic and trendy cut that is ideal for triangular faces . To dare preferably on smooth and supple hair .

The asymetric short trendy 
Short on one side of the head, the hair is longer on the other to create a nice contrast. An ultra-strong look, ideal for those who want to give more character to their face .     

The squares you will love to wear

The universal square. Cut about 3 centimeters below the maxillary and simply tapered on the top of the head, the hair has the perfect length to sublimate all forms of faces . At 30 years , this dynamic cut brings a touch of chic to the look. After 50 years, it gives roundness and softness to the features.

The square ball sexy. A little shorter and round, this square is ideal for square and rectangular faces . It allows to clear the neck and to frame the contours of the face to give this glamorous side. An ideal model for 40 years and over.

The long square. Just above the shoulders, the hair is tapered to the edges of the face only to maintain maximum volume. The little extra: match this pretty cut with a long fringe capped on one side of the face.

 The long cut revisited to adopt

The ideal length for your hair this season: the area between your shoulders and the middle of the shoulder blades. The hair is degraded on the top of the head and the opening of the face to maintain maximum volume. The right way to shape your cut: perform a soft brushing to boost the root volume by directing the movement of the hair towards the back of the face.

Thanks to Sylver Boll, Director of Training Franck Provost.

Find all haircuts trends spring-summer 2017 in our slide show.

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