How to have wavy hair without curling iron

the BB Color Stick from Bumble and Bumble

Minaudière in hand, sneakers at your feet, you prepare to drink your first mojito by the seaside. You contemplate with an expert eye your carefully chosen summer look. But you are not entirely satisfied: beautiful undulations would have more effect than your perennial ponytail! Do not make chicken. Lucette, your personalized online counselor, unveils the infallible trick for shaping pretty wavy lengths without curling iron.

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Wavy hairstyle: salt water for curl-free curls

Step 1 
The trick to creating wavy ripples is to comb your hair with salt water.
So put the ingredients in your kitchen to make your magic spray:
• A bottle with sprayer
• Water
• Salt

Step 2
Fill the bottle with water and add a teaspoon of salt. Mix it all together.

Step 3
Before applying the mixtures to your hair, perform a nourishing treatment beforehand. This will allow your hair not to be overly attacked by salt.

Step 4
Then spray your spray on your lengths and roots.
With your fingers, ruffle your lengths to bring volume.
If you want to have more pronounced waves, you can wrap large strands around your fingers, according to your desires.

Step 5
Finally, pass a quick blow of dryer on your mane to fix the ripples.
If you want to add some reflections on your lengths, tin them with  the BB Color Stick from Bumble and Bumble . This pencil will subtly color your locks.

That’s it ! Here you are ready to parade in front of your friends, who already drool of jealousy in front of your wavy hairstyle!

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