How to Plan a Surprise Birthday Party

How to Plan a Surprise Birthday Party

To find an original gift is the challenge that all the guests give themselves to please the one who will receive it. To get there, there are no 36 solutions! From one, base yourself on the passions of the person to guide your gift choice . This will put luck on your side. Two, try to put yourself in his place. Will I love this gift if I was in its place or not? Once all this is good, you can make your purchase quietly.

Looking for a birthday present for men ? Or a birthday present for women ? Whether it’s your dad, your mother, your brother, your sister, your uncle or aunt, your cousin, your friend or your lover or lover, thousands of ‘Gift ideas are reserved on the website by going from home decorations to end up with fashion accessories. It all depends on what you want to offer.

If he or she has a strong taste for sport or thrills, do not hesitate to make him a beautiful gift such as a parachute jump or a bungee jump. Otherwise, sports equipment will also make you feel sweating at home. Stirrups, carpets, electric bicycles, etc. You will find them all in our shop. For indoor decoration fans, the most original and trendiest items of the moment are custom kitchen utensils, cushions and linens . Among other things, there are emoji cushions for the funny, the fan cushion for video games that will make a perfect man gift , the heart cushion personalized for the birthday of your lover or the cushion photo jumble for your mum.

If he or she is a trotting globe or an adventurous enthusiast, he or she will surely expect surprise for his or her birthday or wedding anniversary . Giving him a gift as a trip or anything related to this theme is a then original idea that will mark him. Think, for example, of a gift box for a couple , including a visit to caves or scuba diving. Otherwise a romantic gift as a magical stay in a romantic castle.

We tend to forget or neglect them, but the gourmet gifts always make sensation even for a birthday For him or her who takes a real pleasure to eat, we have selected all the gourmands gourmands salés as sweets the most delicious as the gourmet box “it is 4 hours” or the coffret met and wines where he or she can savor the best Bottles of vintage wine.

We have not forgotten grandmother and grandfather. Like everyone else, they also deserve to be spoiled on their birthdays . To make life easier, we have found accessories of all kinds that are both original and practical. These include heated and relaxing cushions for the neck and shoulders, personalized bathrobes or foot warmers with massage function for comfort. We also offer unusual gifts like the folding cane seat for the walk or the cane of Dr. House.

Finally, what do you think of gift certificates and gift cards ? A practical and simple solution that is available on every occasion. It may be a small gift, but there is no risk that it displeases the recipient. For women as well as for men , they will make a beautiful birthday present . Find all this in the check and gift cards section . With photo gifts such as shooting sessions, wine subscription cards , gift certificates for driving courses and more, you will find the rare gem. So good shopping!

Organize a surprise birthday:

Celebrating a birthday is even more important than the gift you can make! What if you organized a little surprise this year ?

The surprise birthday party : gather all the relatives, friends, family and loved ones on the occasion of a day or an evening dedicated to the anniversary. Of course, you will make sure that he or she does not know anything about it. To make everyone arrive at the same time, give your appointment elsewhere than at home, in a restaurant for example. Or, rent a truck in which everyone will go to hide while waiting for the arrival of Monsieur or Madame at home!

The surprise trip : collect some things in a bag and leave a few hours or a few days. Stolen moments that will be all the more magical as you managed to keep the secret of your getaway.

Original gift : Offer free time. Here we think of the young parents overwhelmed, the exhausted active, all those who need to collect moments rather than objects! Offer them the most precious gifts by allowing them to get a little bit of the daily!

Organizing a surprise birthday party seems simple, but it does require a draconian organization, a lot of time, energy and imagination. And it gets even tougher when it comes to a surprise birthday party because you have to put yourself in the place of the one who has to blow his candles, choose who to invite, where to do it, and how Celebrate, find a propitious date that suits the availability of the guest of honor. But above all, to oblige everyone to keep the secret so that the party is really a surprise . For everything to be perfect, we will give you some tips to organize a feast of hell !

Where and when to celebrate ? The first step is to choose the place and a suitable date that would suit everyone. If you have a small budget , opting for a home party will be the ideal place to create a friendly atmosphere, especially if it is big enough to receive from the world. It may be a classic, but it is very economical. This prevents you from renting a room because everything is done at home. The kitchen is available to concoct the menu, the living room to receive guests and even rooms to accommodate those who can not return home after the party. The only worry is to do the housework after the party.

On the other hand if your home is too small then you have planned to invite people, think about renting a room. There are restaurants, spaces or nights clubs that you can privatize so that you and your loved ones have more privacy. Especially since most of these places offer a catering service and a bar, which saves you from spoiling time in the kitchen. This idea is ideal for teenagers and adults because you can include dancing, good music and alcohol to the program. Otherwise, lean for the idea of ​​a surprise movie release.

If you want to change the decor, you can always hold an outdoor party . There are several places to do it like the park, the beach or any nice terrain, but just try to check if this might please the party star or not. This idea is also perfect for a child’s birthday snack because in public places, alcohol is often banned.

Regarding the date, if it is a child’s birthday snack, the ideal would be to celebrate it one afternoon outside the school day. For the older ones, unless it is an evening, the ideal day for an adult birthday would be the weekend.

Now you have to think about the decoration. Before you buy everything, base all the decor on the favorite color of the star of the day and the things that fascinate him. Since this is a surprise party, you do not need to decorate the outside of the house. And be discreet when parking the guests’ cars elsewhere. Inside, however, you are free to install balloons , pennants or garlands wherever you want to put the guests in the mood as soon as they step through the door. As for the table, the items to decorate it must adapt to all ages. If it’s a birthday party for children, disposable plates or goblets with the image of a cartoon character for example will do the trick.

Which says birthday party says food, drink and of course the must- have birthday cake . How to choose them? It’s simple, if it’s a birthday snack, bet more on appetizers and sweets like candy and chocolates. If it’s a dinner, opt for a hearty menu or buffet if you choose to invite big crowd. If it’s an outdoor party, lean for a picnic and a barbecue. It always works! But do not forget to book a vegetarian menu in case one of the guests does not eat meat.

Who to invite? An unforgettable birthday is a birthday celebration with people who are dear to us such as friends or family. In the case of a surprise party, it is necessary to forget the simple knowledge of the king or the queen of the feast and to concentrate only on his relatives to avoid that the idea of ​​the festival does not escape. The more people become aware, the less chance there is of keeping the party secret. So make a list of the people he or she meets the most and run the invitations.
Finally, it is necessary to think to animate the festival so that everyone has fun. This is the challenge of all organizers! To do this, there is nothing better than good music . You can hire a DJ or make a list of songs to send during the party. But make sure you put all kinds of music to make everyone happy. For the children, the canteens will do the trick. Aside from dancing, do not forget to program fun little games during the party like the game of the pinata that children and adults love.

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