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The basis of any preparation for marriage is of course the demand for marriage, but also the budget that you can / wish to invest

The basis of any preparation for marriage is of course the demand for marriage, but also the budget that you can / wish to invest. And it is not always obvious, even today, to address this topic.

Our parents are terrific tip-top, and they finance our wedding. And we are lucky enough to have a fairly substantial budget.

My parents had a pretty good notion of the budget, given that my sister was married 4 years ago now. However, on the side of my parents-in-law, it was a little more blurred … But be careful, it is I who hold the reins of my wedding and its financing.

To establish this budget, we had to select the axes that were most important for us (mainly caterer and photographer). After all, we still have a few jobs that are important to us, but if we forget about budget / time, we’ll get over it!

You already know roughly the order of magnitude that will be my budget. I would like to make it clear that we are looking for / comparing the quality / price ratio always according to our priorities. And even if we wanted something, if the price proves to be exhorbitant, we are ready to abandon it. (For example, it is out of the question to put more than 150 € in a pair of shoes!)

So let’s attack serious things … just let me time to open my super Excel file … Ah, voila:

Budget TOTAL = 23.398 €

Yes, it hurts the eyes and the wallets! And I am quite fortunate to be able to invest so much money.

But, concretely, what can we have with all this money? Because, it’s hard to believe, but it starts very quickly!

Here is a small topo of what we have budgeted (in order of magnitude):


€ 12,000 , or € 80 per person (based on 150 guests).

The caterer is definitely the biggest expense. We are both very greedy. And then in Brittany you do not joke with the food (and the drink either!).

Here is the detail of this post:

  • Cocktail + seated meal = 9000 €
  • Drinks = € 1500 (including € 1,300 of champagne)
  • Return = 1500 €  (practically all guests are invited to return)

It takes this to feed between 130 and 150 people!


3500 €

We chose a castle (I will tell you this adventure in another article) for the sum of 3 000 €. This amount is to be relativized because we will have access to the castle from Thursday to Sunday (in fact, 750 € a day!).

The rest is a provision of 350 € for heating (yes yes, I confirm, I work well in the figures) and 180 € housekeeping.

Wedding dresses

€ 3,000 (  2,000 / € 1,000)

I can already tell you that this section is outdated, and it is not by my part! Let’s look at the numbers, I think they will speak for themselves:


  • Dress: 1575 €
  • Stole: 170 €
  • Shoes: 88 €

Total:  1833 €


  • Costume: 1611 €
  • Cufflinks: 60 €
  • Shoes: 189 €

Total: 1860 €

That is € 3,693  ! Gloups!

Obviously, I had no right to look at the purchase of the costume and so its price … Okay, I admit! I have not yet counted the hairdresser / makeup / aesthetic for the day J. But I still have a little budget in my category!


1 650 €

A sacred adventure, the search for our photographer. I’ll have to tell you about it.

To be more precise, there are 1,350 € for the photographer (preparations until about 2am) and 3 photo albums for 300 € (which we offer to our parents).


920 €

Our reception area unfortunately did not accommodate us, we took a cottage for our family very close to us.

We were pleased, we booked on Saturday night and on Sunday night. We can enjoy our family and extend the party a little more!


2,328 €

And this category includes many things:

  • DJ: 690 €
  • Alliances: 600 €
  • Gifts of the guests: 300 € (and it will not be dragées)
  • Florist: 150 €
  • Curé: 150 €
  • Invitations: 150 €
  • Decoration: 110 €
  • Photobooth: 100 €
  • Urn: 70 €
  • Nanny: 50 €
  • Guestbook: 50 €
  • Table plan: 15 €

And still, I have to forget a lot!

Wedding budget

This is a picture of our budget today. But well, it’s all well and good to make a budget, you still have to keep track of expenses.

As I told you, it’s our parents who fund the marriage. We left on the following basis:

  • 50% – 50% for all common expenses (except for outfits)
  • Prorated guests for the catering party. (Well yes, sir to a great family and me it is all the reverse …)

In addition to being generous, our parents do not impose us much. We discuss the options / possibilities together and validate the main points with them. It seems to me quite normal to keep them abreast of all the expenses we incur in marriage.

But be careful, I do not necessarily ask their opinion! (Except for the big posts like the caterer, the dress, the costume …)

Now I fully understand that they do not want to take on items that they think would be useless but that would be important to us. That’s why we’re also willing to invest from our own pockets for what we think is important to have that day.

In my Excel spreadsheet, I am therefore the expenditures made / committed, the installments paid and the one who paid (parents He or Me, and We).

So I can quickly give you a point of our situation:

  • Engaged: 10.715 €
  • Deposits: 4990 € (2228 € by my parents, 2250 € by his parents and 512 € by us)
  • Rest: 5725 €

And you ? Have you already set your budget? Do you manage to follow it according to your expenses? Do your parents and your parents-in-law finance the wedding? Remember!

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