Tuto hairstyle: the boxer braids of the parade Andrew Gn

Tuto hairstyle

The Kardashian clan, the boxer braids, is one of the major capillary trends of the moment. Damien Boissinot, hairstylist for René Furterer, tells us how he fashioned the Andrew Gn autumn-winter 2017/2018 fashion show for the Global Tribal collection.

By La rédac ‘- Photo: © Thibaut de Saint Chamas for René Furterer

Boxer braids, instructions

1. Stretch the lengths 
Damien Boissinot’s technique : “Moisten the hair with amplifying foam that you distribute evenly from roots to tips, lengths increase in density and will be easier to natter. Hair in three large strands on each side “. 
The product used Volumea, Amplifying Foam

2. Tresser 
Damien Boissinot’s technique:  “Take the wick to the right or to the left of the middle line and then braid it to the African, that is to say hooked to the head. You can use the protective summer oil to give your mat a wet and shiny finish. Repeat with the other five strands. 
The product used Solar, Protective Summer Oil

A tutorial to realize a hairstyle with boxer braids.


3. Illuminate 
Damien Boissinot’s technique :  “Abuse all-over dry sublimating oil, it does not weigh down the lengths and brings a silky finish and ultra bright, almost satin.” 
The product used 5 sens, sublimating dry oil

A cascade of boxers braids on a mannequin.

The result, from the front

Mannequins wearing boxer tresses.

The result, in profile

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