Tuto hairstyle: The over-frieze of the parade Vanessa Seward

over-frieze of the parade Vanessa Seward

At the Vanessa Seward fashion show, Spring / Summer 2017, the models were decorated with beautiful curly hairstyles. Damien Boissinot, hairstylist for René Furterer, explains how he made them.

By La rédac ‘- Photo: © Thibaut de Saint Chamas for René Furterer

How to Curl Your Hair with Hair Pins

1. Curl 
Damien Boissinot’s technique : ” After separating the hair in about 20 wicks about 3cm wide, isolate a wick, pschit in abundance the thermo-protective spray then divide it in two to the natter around Repeat with the rest of the hair . ”
The product used: Lissea thermo-protective spray.

A technique to curl his hair naturally.


2. Fix the 
technique: “Heat each of the mats to the iron to fix the loops and then allow to cool for 30 to 45 minutes.” Defeat the braids of the fingertips by pschittant as the vegetal lacquer for the effect long duration ” . 
The product used: Style lacquer.

A technique to naturally curl her hair.


3. Discipline 
The technique: “To comb with large teeth, slightly crepe a few wicks to give an even more curly finish. On the tips, bring definition to loops with a hazelnut of modeling paste”. 
The product used: modeling paste Style.

How to make tight curls on hair.


The result 

Three mannequins with curly hair.


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