Wedding budget and meal option

Wedding budget

This week, Ginette answers the question of a couple who would like to get married but who has a small budget and would like to have several options to decide the meal of the ceremony.

“Hello Ginette, my boyfriend and I celebrated our 4 years together and we decided to make a wedding in July … Yes, in 3 months! I do not know how to work … I do not have a big budget since we are studying. ‘Should we take a room that is also a caterer or is it more advantageous to take a room and caterer apart?


I hope that you have succeeded in drawing up a list of guests that will allow you to organize the reception that best suits your wishes and budget!

The number of guests now allows you to orientate yourself to the optimal place where the party will be held and possibly the ceremony.

Ceremony and reception

If you are marrying in church, try, as far as possible, to find a place for the reception in the immediate vicinity. All the reasons are good: practical side, ecological aspect (transport by car for all guests), schedule (the cocktail starts shortly after the end of the ceremony), simplicity of organization … This also applies Well if you pronounce your wishes on the spot (with a wedding celebrant). There is very little time-out for the guests: you can make a first toast with them right after the ceremony, dwarf for a few minutes to take pictures during the cocktail, then find them for the meal itself .

Meal options

Here everything is possible and one can not be limited to the traditional wedding banquet: meals usually sit five services, served at the table.

This is to find a place (perhaps off the beaten path) and a date (Friday or Sunday evenings are often available even at the last minute and the fees are often much lower than those imposed on Saturday night .. ..)

As for the caterer, it is certain that if you opt for a room that offers the meal, it is more advantageous to take this package with the room (in any case, you will have no choice). For rooms that do not serve meals (such as community halls, for example) you will have to think of the caterer, but also at all the rentals (tables, chairs, table linen, tableware, cutlery, glasses …). )

Some caterers offer a turnkey service that includes everything needed. It will be easier for you to set a budget per person that will include everything. The main thing is to establish the number of guests and multiply by the cost per person. You will then have all the answers!

Meal options are multiple

The cocktail dinatoire

Bites are served on the tray and circulate throughout the evening. It is a formula that allows a lot of variety and a certain sophistication. Depending on the selected meals, it will be possible to save on rentals and on the service staff.

Again, set a budget per person and choose the menu with the caterer. This form of reception allows a great conviviality (the guests do not sit at the same table all the evening, they circulate freely and the meetings multiply). It is good to provide comfortable corners where they can sit for a while and high tables (cocktail type) to drop their glasses.

The tapas

They are very fashionable in recent years. This meal formula that originated in Spain offers small portions (grilled vegetables, seafood, minisalades, minisoupes served in a shooter glass, verrines …).

Everything is possible: it is a question of making small portions of various foods chosen according to our tastes, the theme of the wedding, the season, the budget. This type of meal can be consumed in the manner of cocktail dinatoire. We adapt the container and the presentation to the selected meals: small tapas plates, small bowls, glasses … All can be served on tray or in a buffet formula.

The buffet

The formula convivial par excellence, economical and simplistic. We sometimes tend to eliminate it automatically for a wedding by thinking that it is not chic enough. Yet, tasty dishes, well presented and varied can be of the most beautiful effect on a long table! And the guests are always happy to choose their favorite dishes.

Make sure that the food is impeccably fresh, especially in the summer, and do not let them drag without refrigeration after the recommended times (no more food poisoning when it’s hot!). That you have the necessary staff to replace, clean, refresh the dishes. A buffet should remain beautiful and appetizing all evening or as long as the food is available. Otherwise, food should be stored.

The stations

They can complement a buffet, complement a cocktail, a tapas formula and even a traditional meal served at the table! It can be a grill (even a simple BBQ can do), a candy bar, a fruit bar, a stove where you can prepare all sorts of personalized dishes ( Pasta with various sauces, vegetable stir-fries, meats, fish, seafood with varied perfumes: Japanese, Thai, Szechuan …), ice cream, sorbet or sundays (as popular with adults as children) , A bar with iced teas or lemonades with varied flavors … The possibilities are numerous! Be creative and rejoice your guests with an original, personalized, festive and interactive meal!

I even had the pleasure of helping a young couple of students organize their wedding in a chalet at the Wedding Bunny. They ordered a simple mechoui (with oven-grill and cooking on the spot) which was accompanied by several dishes cooked by all the family members in an authentic pot-luck formula!

I made sure that the service was uniform by having them dress up in homogeneous and pretty serving dishes (white and painted with royal blue motifs by the bride and groom themselves!) I did not want the dishes to be served In disparate containers or tupperware! I can tell you that it was one of the most joyful and festive weddings I had the chance to attend!

When choosing the type of meal you will be serving at your wedding, think about your tastes, what makes you happy and do not limit yourself! Everything is possible, even with a reasonable or reduced budget!

My next column will touch on other aspects of wedding preparation according to the budget: deco, flowers, bride and groom’s outfits …

See you soon!

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